Rockettopia High School celebrated inclusiveness and African-American culture today with a variety of activities, themes, and special events honoring the history and culture of African-Americans in America. The day started with a man dressed as Martin Luther King Jr. greeting students with irritating adapted quotes. He looked absolutely nothing like Dr. King and said annoying things like, "I have a dream... that you will have a nice day!". After multiple complaints, the man was removed, but the day was only getting started. Signs were posted around the school saying "RHS Students like that our friends are fun and 56% do not use racial slurs in a typical month! The Hawaiian Alphabet has 12 letters!"

Teachers were encouraged to talk in the style of African-Americans to get in the spirit of the day. Thankfully, very few of them did, with one telling News from Rockettopia, "Jesus Christ! I can't believe the shit we have to put up with." Lunch consisted entirely of watermelon and fried chicken, served by real black people African Americans.

Following the lunch, the school held an assembly in which the administration showed a video of Dr. King's famous "I have a dream" speech and then spoke about how it's important to display cultural proficiency and to tolerate people with different backgrounds than our own. He then invited the school's African-American students to stand up and talk about their experiences, but all of the African-American students had already slipped out and presumably were running away as fast as possible. The principal coughed, and then led the remaining students in a chorus of "We Shall Overcome".

At the end of the day, the administration played Accidental Racist on the loudspeakers to a shocked silence.
We await the lawsuits.